Much like the dBi HART Transducer Series, the “dBi Profibus” PA Transducer range is a series of self-contained non-contacting level measurement transducers which make use of Profibus PA communication protocols. The dBi Profibus transducers are available in different measurement ranges from 125 mm to 15 m (4.9 in to 49.2 ft) to suit a wide range of applications. The transducers comply fully with communication standards IEC 61158 and Profibus profile 3.0.2 and provide very high resolution to give exceptional accuracy and a rapid response time of 1 second (approx.). Benefitting from Pulsar’s unique DATEM Echo Processing technology, the transducer is able to zero in on the true target and map out interferences. The dBi Profibus transducer can be programmed with Pulsar’s PC Software or using PLC / HMI with Profibus Network.


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